Bob Barker Company Board of Directors

The Bob Barker Company Board of Directors plays a key role in ensuring the Company remains vibrant and growing, and that it continues to be a positive legacy to the communities of which we are a part. The Board currently comprises five independent directors and four family members, and it oversees four subcommittees: Audit, Compensation, Investment and Nominating.

The key roles of the Board include:
1. Ensuring effective governance
2. Monitoring and improving business policy and strategy
3. Providing advice and counsel to management
4. Overseeing succession planning
5. Supporting family shareholders

Family Members and Independent Directors:

Bob Barker, Founder and Board Chair

Pat Barker, Corporate Secretary

Robert Barker, President and CEO

Nancy Barker Johns, Chief Operating Officer

George Snead

Gabe Cipau

Dave Colburn

John Kasberger