Health & Personal Care

Whether you need to purchase health and personal care items for a small number of individuals, or you want to place an order for a full year, Bob Barker Company has you covered.

Maintaining personal wellbeing is a top concern for any facility. Bob Barker Company offers a wide variety of soaps, shampoos, oral care, gloves, personal protective equipment (PPE), first aid, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, over-the-counter drugs and drug tests to promote health and safety within your organization.

Where security is the highest priority, we offer clear, flexible, alcohol-free and highly visible products to maintain peace of mind. For convenience, many of our products come in single-use or gallon-sized options, and wrapped or unwrapped options for items such as toothbrushes.

We also carry an extensive line of health care products to prevent the spread of germs and communicable viruses that have the potential to spread in institutional settings.

Our admission kits provide you the opportunity to customize the products you offer in a convenient bag or cup. Choose from a wide range of toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, shaving cream, soap, shampoo, body wash, conditioners, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, tampons and more.