Bob Barker Company has been the trusted choice for shaving products for jails, prisons, mental health and rehab facilities and juvenile centers for decades. With brands like Barbasol, Magic, Freshscent, Bic, Barbicide and WAHL, we have the shaving products you’re looking for.

When you need single blade, twin blade or triple blade razors, or razors made for high-security areas, you can find them at Bob Barker Company. Check out our Maximum Security clear handle razors, or Colored Razor Blades, flexible handle razors and Anti-Shank razors for the most secure options in the industry.

We carry individual shaving cream packets, standard shaving cream, shaving gel, shaving powder and brushless shave cream. We also carry Professional Hair Clippers from WAHL.

31 Products

Bic® Single Blade Disposable Razor
Sold 624 per case
Braun Translucent Mobile Shaver
Sold by the each
Remington Hair Cut Kit, 14 piece set
Sold by the each
Brushless Shave Cream
$70.49 to $164.57
One-Piece Security Thumb Razor
Sold 500 per case
Bob Barker® Single Blade Razor, Green
Sold 2000 per case
Triple Blade Razor
Sold 144 per case
Meridian® Triple Blade Razor
Sold 500 per case
Economical Blue Twin Blade Razor
Sold 500 per case
Personna® Lightweight Twin Blade Razor
Sold 288 per case
Economical Triple Blade Razor
Sold 200 per case
Flexible Handle Razor
Sold 500 per case
Maximum Security Clear Razor, Twin Blade
Sold 600 per case
Maximum Security Clear Razor, Orange
Sold 1000 per case
Maximum Security Clear Razor
Sold 1000 per case