Feminine Hygiene

Your residents’ hygiene is a top priority, and for your feminine hygiene needs, Bob Barker Company carries sanitary napkins, tampons and feminine hygiene disposal bags.

Whether you’re looking for name brand options line Always, or budget-friendly Bob Barker Company Private Issue, we are here for you. We offer bulk packs of individually wrapped sanitary napkins, options with wings and panty liners.

We offer Safe & Soft tampons, plus Tampax tampons with cardboard or plastic applicators.

25 Products

Maxithins Long Super Sanitary Napkin w/ Wings, Tri-fold
Sold 288 per case

All Sales Final

Maxithins Regular Sanitary Napkin
Sold 288 per case

All Sales Final

Playtex Sport Tampons, Super, Unscented
Sold 216 per case
Tampax® Sleeved Tampons
Sold 500 per case
Super Sanitary Napkin
Sold 250 per case
Unwrapped Sanitary Napkin
Sold 576 per case