Hair Care

Our shampoos, conditioners and all-in-one products are perfect for any hair type or style. With name brand offerings like Pert, VO5 and Suave, plus a full array of combs, brushes, Bob Barker has the hair care products you need.

We also carry lice products from Liceall, Pre-Emptive Strike and Claire.

71 Products

Palmer's Coconut Oil Hairdress
Sold 6 per case
Palmer's Coconut Oil Leave-In Conditioner
Sold 6 per case
Biodegradable BARBICIDE® 64oz
Sold 6 per case
Clear All in One
$56.14 to $149.91
Clear Shampoo
$46.78 to $124.93
Plastic Shampoo Combs
$3.12 to $4.92
Sold 12 per case
Plastic Bulk Combs
$92.99 to $130.03
Plastic Combs
$7.41 to $30.10
Sportin Wave Pomade, 3.5 oz
Sold 6 per case
Afro Pick, 5"
Sold 12 per case
Palm Brush
Sold 144 per case
Pro Style Ultra Hold Gel
Sold 12 per case
All in One, Shower, Shave, & Shampoo
Sold 4 per case
Black Lice Comb
Sold 12 per case
Shampoo, Dandruff
Sold 12 per case