Bath & Body

Bob Barker Company offers soaps, shampoos and body washes in various sizes, packaging options and price points to fit the unique needs of jails, prisons, mental health and rehab facilities, and juvenile centers.

We have a variety of proprietary brands made specifically with our customers in mind, and we offer trusted brands like Dove, Suave, Olay, White Rain, Dial, Ivory, Zest, Irish Spring, Lever 2000 and more.

Soaps come in liquid or bar, wrapped or unwrapped, hand soaps and body soaps, single-use and gallon-size varieties, with other options in between. We also carry a full line of shampoos, conditioners and face washes. Many of our products come in clear, plastic packaging for high-security areas, and we offer soap dispensers as well.

For the most complete shave, shower and shampoo option, try Bob Barker Company’s unique RapidPak 3-in-1 Dissolvable Paks.

84 Products

Cocoa Butter Lotion, 15oz
Sold 12 per case
Vitamin E Lotion, 15oz
Sold 12 per case
Aloe Vera Lotion, 15oz
Sold 12 per case
Dawn Mist Hair Conditioner
Sold 48 per case
Irish Spring Soap
$36.54 to $71.13
Pink Lotion Soap, 1 gal
Sold 4 per case
Disposable Pre-Moistened Washcloths
Sold 8 per case
Individually Bagged Toilet Tissue
Sold 3000 per case
Toenail Clippers
Sold 12 per case
GoJo® Plastic Soap Dispenser
Sold 1 per case