Innovation and Product Development

Throughout its nearly 50-year history, Bob Barker Company carried the title of America’s Leading Detention Supplier. But over the last decade, the company evolved into much more than a supplier. To address the unique needs of jails, prisons, mental health and rehabilitation centers, and juvenile facilities, Bob Barker Company embarked on a strategy to begin developing its own products to complement the supplies it sources domestically and internationally.

Led by its own Product Development Team, internal product research and development are now key components of Bob Barker Company’s value to its customers. The Product Development Team brings the expertise that customers require in their search for healthier, safer, and more secure products. The Team’s capabilities include in-house use of SolidWorks® computer-aided design, fused deposition modeling 3D printing, stereolithography 3D printing, injection molding, Instron® material property testing, and more.

The Bob Barker Company Product Development Team uses a process based on feedback from its nationwide Customer Panel to develop unique products specifically designed for secure environments. With an array of technologies at its disposal at the company’s headquarters in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, the Team performs its research and development in the United States.

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