Recidivism Cycle

"An estimated 96% of incarcerated individuals will be released from prison."

Historically about half of those released will return to incarceration within 3 years.

We’re working to defeat recidivism

Bob Barker Company has been serving the physical needs of incarcerated individuals since 1972. The Bob Barker Company Foundation was founded in 2009 to give back to the incarcerated community in order to prepare them physically, spiritually and emotionally for successful reentry into society. The Foundation works directly with nonprofit and governmental entities, providing support and capacity building for proven, cost-effective delivery of services that reduce recidivism.

Some of our partners include:

Bridges to Life – Texas, North Carolina
Changed Choices – North Carolina
Metanoia Prison Ministries – Tennessee, Georgia
Jobs for Life – North Carolina
Men of Valor – Tennessee
Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers – North Carolina

To reduce recidivism by seeing the lives of incarcerated individuals changed forever serving God, family and community.       

To develop and support programs that help incarcerated individuals successfully reenter society and stay out for life.

Since 2009, the Bob Barker Company Foundation has awarded more than $2,000,000 to 50community-based projects in the United States, and we are growing.  With a goal to partner with more organizations that are working to reduce recidivism, Bob Barker Company has created an endowment from our net profits. In addition to project support, the Foundation is expanding to include direct capacity building for nonprofit organizations who share our vision of reducing recidivism.      

Bob Barker Company Foundation is the only Foundation in the United States that solely focuses on reducing recidivism. Whether you are a program that needs support or have funds to partner with us in this mission, we invite you to join us to help incarcerated individuals successfully reenter society and stay out for life!

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