By pursuing Bob's passion for customer service and innovation, we are constantly striving to find solutions to meet all the needs of your facility. We understand that safety and budgets are key priorities, and that's why we developed the following services to help make your job easier.

Emergency Management

We have thousands of products in stock and a dedicated 24/7 emergency hotline to help when disaster strikes.


Our Kitting team helps you to streamline your admission process and choose your own unique kits from hundreds of products and multiple packaging options, or you can select popular, stocked kits.

Product Development

The Bob Barker Company Product Development Team researches the latest technologies and products, and develops products in-house to keep your facility safer, healthier, more secure and on budget.


Bob Barker Company’s in-house Screening team provides you the ability to customize your uniforms and clothing as a low-cost solution for identification and laundry sorting.

Quality and Sourcing

Our Quality Team utilizes ASTM International and National Fire Protection Association standards to ensure that all Bob Barker products are of the highest quality and at prices that meet your budget, and our Sourcing Team scours domestic and international sources for the highest quality products at the best prices to meet your unique needs.