National IPA Contract #: WA00034777

National IPA

National IPA is a nationwide cooperative purchasing network reflecting the buying power of over 45,000 public agency participants across the country. All cooperative contracts in National IPA's portfolio are awarded by a lead public agency, using a competitive solicitation process consistent with applicable procurement laws and regulations. There are no fees, minimums, or obligations to participate.

Contract number: WA00034777 Inmate and Detention Supplies, Solutions and Services

Term: Agreement is effective October 5, 2016 through October 4, 2021 (option to renew on an annual basis).

Pricing/Discount: Bob Barker Company offers percent off catalog pricing: After registering as a participant of National IPA, pricing can be set up through Bob Barker Company. Once set up, if you log into the Bob Barker Company website at, the discounted pricing will show in real time. 

Learn more about Bob Barker’s Cooperative Contract with National IPA here.

You can click here to register on the National IPA website, or call this toll free number dedicated number, 877-430-4866.