Exo-Frame Security Toothbrush

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Introducing the New Exo-Frame® Security Toothbrush!


Risk-Reducing Design

  • Small individual components that are difficult to weaponize
  • Toothbrush support system loses structural integrity when manipulated
  • Space between each connector limits the available material that could be turned into a weapon
  • The short length of the Exo-Frame® Toothbrush provides less material that can be manipulated


Familiar Functionality

  • The bristles and semi-rigid handle function the same as a normal toothbrush
  • The flexibility of the handle doesn’t prevent its intended use
  • The Exo-Frame® Toothbrush material is durable enough for 2-4 weeks of use



  • Length: 3”
  • 20 Tufts
  • Green Color
  • Individually wrapped in Clear Bag
  • US Patent # 11,504,841