Avon® Mask C50™ First Responder Kit


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  • NIOSH approved for use with CTCF50 (protects against CS/CN/OS agents, bacteria, and viruses) or CBRNCF50 (protects against CBRN agents and toxic industrial chemicals)
  • Flexible, panoramic lens offers excellent field of vision
  • Left- or right-hand canister mounts accept traditional or conformal canisters
  • Optional voice projection unit (VPU) with microphone assembly
  • Optional fail-safe, high-flow hydration device

Kit Includes:

  • C50 APR
  • Clear Ousters Assembly
  • Sunlight Outsert Assembly
  • CBRNCF50 Canister
  • CTCF50 Riot Agent Canister
  • Universal Carrier and Storage Faceform

Ideal for:

  • Corrections Officers
  • Riot Control
  • Border Patrol
  • Plant Security
  • Non-CBRN Requirements