LifeLine® Color Smock, Vivid Blue

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  • Vivid blue color combined with contrasting yellow stitching provide an assortment of benefits:
    • Unique color allows for easier identification compared to standard resident and officer uniforms
    • Vivid blue color attracts the attention of officers to increase awareness from a distance
    • Contrasting yellow stitching make inspections quicker by easily identifying tampering to threads
  • Fits all sizes up to 300 lbs. with adjustable hook and loop closures
  • Two heavy-duty denier polyester fabric outside faces lockstitch quilted to polyester inner batting
  • High-quality construction reduces the risk of accidental opening and exposure

You may launder this product according to your normal laundering procedures, but in order to preserve the integrity of its hook and loop fastening system, we recommend that you launder this product separately from other laundry items with all of its hook and loop fasteners connected.

*Due to liability reasons, returns and exchanges are not permitted for LifeLine® products

Warning: This product is not a substitute for careful and regular monitoring of the individuals who utilize it, and this product must be used in strict conjunction with all laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures that apply to the supervision, monitoring, and observation of persons who are or who are believed to be at risk of committing self-harm or suicide.