Silicone Multi-Game Pack

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  • Flexible and lightweight for a safer environment
  • Less likely to be weaponized
  • Unable to be melted or formed into another object
  • Soft material is noiseless when slammed on tables

The newest addition to the BBC silicone games provide a safer option when playing several world renown board games*. This pack may be used for a variety of board games, but the three primary ones are as follows:

  1. Game of building a Real Estate Empire – The traditional game has various objects to represent each player and fake money is used to purchase plots of real estate. The goal is to bankrupt all other players.
    • BBFXMULTI pieces to be used: pawns, 2 dice, two-sided tiles using the houses and buildings side
  1. Game of Words – Each player takes turns spelling words to earn points. The goal is to have the most points once all the tiles are used.
    • BBFXMULTI pieces to be used: two-sided tiles using the letters side, tile holders
  1. Game of Dice – 13 rounds and 5 dice. The goal of the game is to complete all the combinations
    • BBFXMULTI pieces to be used: 5 dice

How to use the Multi-Game Pack:

  • Purchase the generic board game with the plastic and/or metal pieces that come with it.
  • Replace the plastic and metal pieces with the new BBFXMULTI Multi-Game Pack pieces, appropriate to the game that is being played.


  • Six (6) dice
  • Six (6) pawns – represent each player in a game and keeps track of player progress
  • Four (4) tile holders
  • 100 two-sided tiles
    • Side #1 represents a letter of the alphabet along with its assigned points and is to be used by lying the tile flat
    • Side #2 represents a house or a building and is to be used by standing the tile up.

*Specific board game names are not listed for trademark concerns