National IPA
Bob Barker Company, Inc. has been awarded a National Cooperative Purchasing Contract by The County of Sacramento, CA to help save government agencies and educational institutions time and money. Click here to learn more.

As a GSA approved vendor, Contract #: GS-07F-9141-S, Bob Barker Company is proud to offer a variety of products to our Government clients.

We're proud to offer our complete catalog as an approved TXMAS purchasing co-op vendor, with contracts: Contract 12-73020 and Contract 12-84050.

Buy Board
We're proud to offer our complete catalog as an approved BuyBoard cooperative purchasing program vendor, with contracts: Contract 506-16 and Contract 507-16.

Buy Board
We’re proud to offer Inmate Clothing, Undergarments, Linens and Bedding, and Personal Care Products as an approved statewide contractor for Operational Services Division (OSD) of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, with Contract CLT08.