What is Edovo?
  • A tablet-based education solution
  • Utilizes a unique learn-to-earn method that drives over 80% weekly user engagement
  • Tailored to fit the needs of any correctional facility
  • Keeps inmates engaged with thousands of hours of academic, vocational, therapeutic and religious content
  • Inmates can learn at their own pace while earning free entertainment content approved for correctional use, including movies, music and games
  • Edovo offers i-Pathways core GED preparation program, which boasts pass rates as high as 96%
The Problem

It may be called corrections, but constraints for facilities and their incarcerated populations often means a lack of opportunity for meaningful rehabilitation. In reality, the vast majority of the 2.2 million incarcerated spend more time on daytime television than anything else.

Challenges to Programming

Shrinking budgets and security requirements limit the ability of jails and prisons to deliver programming.

Limited Access to Education

Although education is shown to decrease recidivism by 43%, 4 out of 5 of those in custody don't have regular access.

Higher Violence and Recidivism

Of the 1.35 million inmates in state prisons, 76.6% of released individuals will be re-arrested within 5 years.

How can the average facility provide meaningful rehabilitation and programming to their population despite all of these constraints?

The Solution

Edovo's secure tablet technology is the future of daily education and rehabilitation for corrections. Edovo helps to unlock the potential of incarcerated individuals and build pathways for them to make positive changes.

How it Works

We provide all hardware, connectivity, and software or we can integrate with your facility's existing infrastructure.

Learners can check out any tablet to create an account or pick up where they left off.

Self-directed, goal-driven learning pathways allow everyone to go at their own pace.

Certificates and rewards drive progress to show to staff, courts, and future employers.

Correctional Security
  • No external Internet Access
  • Rugged hardware and custom casing
  • Comprehensive tracking of inmate usage and content control
  • Edovo Insight: analysis and reporting feature provides transparency of all inmate activities on the platform
Expansive Programming
  • Largest library of content in the industry for learners of every level
  • Evidence Based approaches to CBT, life skills training, and re-entry preparation
  • Nationally recognized job certification preparation and vocational training
  • EdovoGO allows access to Edovo educational materials post-release to ensure ongoing success
Unmatched Platform
  • Integrate your own educational materials, PREA training, and even training materials and handbooks with course editor
  • Deliver Edovo on any tablet or computer, from any vendor
  • Decrease operational costs and digitize jail operations
  • Streamline communication between staff and inmates
Minimize Incidents

With a fully engaged inmate population, officers can then spend less time breaking up fights and filling out incident reports, and more time performing more favorable duties. Dayrooms go from loud and boisterous to calm and quiet, helping to completely transform your facility.

It's been a great program from day one. Edovo provides a comprehensive learning platform that the inmates truly enjoy using. The best part, and what separates Edovo from all other vendors, is that everything for the inmate is free. Another great perk is staff buy-in. The staff WANT to work the modules that have tablets due to how quiet it is (due to most of the inmates utilizing the tablets).

-Madera County Jail, California

Reduce Recidivism

Improved rehabilitation and decreased recidivism means a safer community, and a safer community with less crime can lead to a lower average daily population in jail. Improved inmate-to-officer ratios promotes a safer correctional environment and increased cost savings for the facility.

It is our obligation to make sure they return to our communities better than they came to us. Why are they committing crimes and offenses? They lack education. By lacking education, you can't get into employment. No matter how many programs I have in this jail, I have limited program space. In Edovo, we've been able to find something that will reach a larger amount of people, that has fidelity, and that has resulted in a calmer environment. It's a win-win.

-Allegheny County Jail, Pennsylvania

  • Traditional educational programming costs $1,400 to $1,744 per inmate every year
  • For a small per-tablet/per-day fee, the Edovo solution is a low-cost alternative to traditional programming
  • Facilities can expand current programming or provide new offerings to the entire inmate population, regardless of staffing or spacial restraints
  • Facilities can even share tablets across multiple pods
  • The Edovo platform operates on a secure network with locked-down connectivity, mobile device management and administrative tools for monitoring accounts
  • Seven layers of security restrict inmates to only Edovo related content, prohibiting all access to the external Internet
  • Edovo's administrative portal, Edovo Insight, gives facility staff full access to inmate activity and tablet usage
  • Facilities can improve operations and save money by uploading their inmate handbooks, PREA guidelines, and other news and bulletins

It's a secured Wi-Fi setting, so it's strictly for education and rehabilitation.
And once you see how the inmates are engaged with the tablet, ultimately the officers are just monitoring the tablet distribution ... we haven't had any assaults, any altercations in any of the units that currently have tablets.

-Madera County Jail, California

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