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Dear Valued Customer,

At Bob Barker Company, the safety and security of our customers is of the utmost importance to us. We are monitoring the global outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus) very closely and making decisions to limit the risk of exposure to the virus. We are relying on the Center for Disease Control’s recommendations regarding the coronavirus to ensure that our operations and service to our customers remain safe and efficient.

Many customers have reached out to us with important questions about the coronavirus, and we would like to share our responses to those questions with you. Please see the common questions and our answers on the matter below, but do not hesitate to reach out to us with further questions. As always, you can reach us at 1-800-334-9880 or at bobbarker.com.

Thank you,

Robert Barker
President, Bob Barker Company

UPDATED: July 15, 2020

Does Bob Barker Company have a general supply statement referencing products and inspections?

The Coronavirus has impacted the global supply chain in unanticipated ways this year. Our supply chain professionals have worked diligently to minimize disruptions to you. Overall, their efforts have allowed us to continue to meet your product needs as soon as you place an order. At this time, the ports we use and customs are operating with no delays. In anticipation of potential delays in the future we have increased our inventory levels to protect you from stockouts. We will continue to monitor supply chain capacity and capability so that we can respond and make any adjustments that are needed to ensure we have a steady supply of goods you need.

Can the virus be transmitted from products imported from Asia and other parts of the world?

Dr. Messonnier further stated, "There's no evidence to support transmission of the virus via imported goods." This is consistent with guidance from the World Health Organization stating that, “Even though the new coronavirus can stay on surfaces for a few hours or up to several says (depending on the type of surface), it is very unlikely that the virus will persist on the surface after being moved, traveled, and exposed to different conditions and temperatures.”

If the virus survives on surfaces for only a matter of days, how long is the ocean voyage from Asia to the United States?

It generally takes thirty or more days for a container ship to make the voyage from ports in Asia to the U.S.

Are products being examined at the U.S. port?

U.S. Customs and Border Protection may physically check shipments coming from China as part of their authority to audit containers, however, they are taking no specific action related to the outbreak. According to an interview with Dr. Nancy Messonnier of the CDC, “There’s no evidence to support transmission of the virus via imported goods.”

Do you anticipate running out of products we purchase from you?

COVID-19 has impacted production and supply chains world-wide. Fortunately, we maintain millions of dollars of in stock inventory at all times to minimize any impact to you. We carefully monitor our service level to you on a daily basis and we are so proud of the work of our supply chain professionals that have allowed us to quickly recover our service level to our historic average. We expect that in most product categories we will be able to ship your order right away. The unfortunate exception to this is in the areas of PPE. Many items that are used specifically to slow the spread of COVID-19 have had unprecedented demand. We are working diligently on behalf of our customers to continue to meet your needs during this difficult time. Your safety and security are our top priority.

We are simultaneously pursuing the following actions where they are warranted. We are working with existing vendors who are unable to fulfill our usual orders to find substitute products that meet customer requirements. We are building relationships with new vendors domestically and internationally to find alternatives to meet your needs. We are negotiating with vendors, customs, legislatures and others to prioritize all PPE, disinfectants, hand-sanitizer and soap destined to corrections to be expedited due to the need to stop the spread of COVID-19 amongst inmates and correctional officers and administration.

Your safety and security are on our hearts and minds all day every day. We appreciate all you do for our country. We are doing everything in our power to supply you with timely supplies to stop the spread of COVID-19.

What is the status of your health care products?

The COVID-19 outbreak resulted in a sudden increased demand for personal protective equipment (PPE). The global health crisis is creating an unprecedented surge in demand for gloves, masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, and other health care products. As an important Bob Barker customer, we are prioritizing your needs as best as we can. Inventory levels are fluctuating constantly, so our communicated inventory quantities are not guaranteed. We have been allocated limited supplies of gloves and disposable clothing at this time. As a result of this reduced allocation of product, we are seeing rising costs and lengthy delays in filling backorders. We are working to qualify additional vendors for these products while ensuring that their products have the certifications necessary to ensure the quality of the product will provide adequate protection for your staff and those in your care. We plan to add these much-needed supplies to the website soon.

To address the pandemic, we created the COVID-19 Response, Outreach, Service and Support, or CROSS Team. This team focuses specifically on the challenges created by COVID-19, including:

  • Working with trusted vendors to increase or develop new production of PPE and essential items, while also finding substitute products that meet customer requirements
  • Building relationships with new vendors domestically and internationally to find alternatives
  • Negotiating with vendors, customs agencies and legislatures to prioritize products destined for corrections and detention facilities
  • Ensuring that our prices are fair and as affordable as possible, especially on essential items and PPE

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