The Biggest Jumpsuit Innovation in Decades: SoloSuit

It’s not every day that an innovative prison or jail uniform hits the market. In fact, it’s not even every decade. But the new one-piece, hardware-free SoloSuit™ from Bob Barker Company is sure to change the way you think about jumpsuit uniforms.

SoloSuit Demo The SoloSuit may quite possibly be the only jumpsuit you'll ever need.

For more than 50 years, jumpsuit uniforms have remained relatively similar. Until now, all one-piece jumpsuits had buttons, zippers or hook and loop closures. The closures can cause headaches for some facilities depending on laundry methods or inmate misuse. As closures break or wear out, or as one part of a two-piece uniform goes missing, facilities must spend money to replace the entire uniform. The SoloSuit solves these common problems and makes uniform management simpler than ever.

The SoloSuit uses covered elastic to hold its shape without needing any hardware, so facilities don’t have to worry about broken snaps or zippers. Plus, washing the SoloSuit is a breeze because there is no hook and loop to fasten before throwing the jumpsuit into the laundry.

SoloSuitThe lack of metal in the SoloSuit prevents false reads on metal detectors, and the elastic helps it conform to any body type. The one-piece construction also mitigates inmates’ ability to expose themselves and prevents “sagging.”

Despite being a revolutionary new jumpsuit, Bob Barker constructs the SoloSuit out of materials that you know and trust. It is made from a 65/35 polyester/cotton fabric with TriStitch® seams, and the uniform size is screened in large letters inside the collar for quick-read, long-lasting identification.

So why stay stuck in the past? Try the new, revolutionary SoloSuit jumpsuit that has no snaps, no zippers, no hook and loop, and no hassle.

SoloSuit Front The SoloSuit is a one-piece, hardware-free jumpsuit uniform that solves your biggest uniform headaches.

SoloSuit Back The SoloSuit is easy to put on and fits any body type.