Simpler, Safer, More Secure Transportation

Inmate transportation is one of the most highly scrutinized topics for jails, prisons and other corrections-focused facilities. Transporting someone from point A to point B seems like it should be a simple process, but in corrections it involves a multitude of factors that transporters must consider.

VanCell Elite 2.0 Rear Compartment Keep passengers separate with the optional rear separation wall.

For instance, male and female passengers can’t always be in the same vehicle. Some passengers need to remain separate from other passengers due to past conflicts, potential gang affiliations or PREA regulations. Other liabilities arise when officers can’t monitor every passenger in the transport vehicle because of blind spots or outdated technology. The true list of concerns is certainly much longer, but Bob Barker Company used years' worth of customer feedback to develop its most advanced inmate transportation solution, the VanCell Elite 2.0, which addresses the most crucial transportation needs surrounding safety, security and ease of use.

The VanCell Elite 2.0 van insert is compatible with Ford Transit 350 Cargo Vans and Chevrolet Express 3500 Cargo Vans. Once installed, the insert can accommodate up to 13 inmates depending on the configuration. Passengers in the rear section can be separated with the optional rear separation wall to address transporting inmates of different genders or classifications. Plus, the front compartment features an optional segregation door that swings shut to provide two individual passenger compartments. The separation wall and segregation door allow facilities to transport inmates of all classifications to other locations without having to take multiple vehicles.

One of the most improved features of the new VanCell Elite 2.0 is the upgraded camera system. The optional camera system includes four interior cameras that eliminate blind spots, and the ability to add an external camera to monitor loading and unloading. The system comes with a high-definition color touchscreen monitor that’s simple to use and crystal clear. Officers can watch and listen to passengers in real-time or make use of up to 43 hours of recording time with the camera system’s DVR capabilities.

Other convenience enhancements include a custom HVAC system designed specifically for the VanCell Elite 2.0 that ensures proper airflow to all compartments. Bob Barker Company also reengineered the locking mechanisms and emergency doors to provide additional safety and security in the event of an accident. Finally, the new streamlined ordering process is simpler to use than ever before.

If your current transportation vehicles aren’t living up to your expectations, give Bob Barker Company a call at 1-800-334-9880 to learn more about the VanCell Elite 2.0.

VanCell Elite 2.0 Front-Facing Compartment The front-facing compartment of the VanCell Elite 2.0 holds up to three inmates, or two inmates when the front segregation door is engaged.

VanCell Elite 2.0 Touchscreen Monitor The VanCell Elite 2.0 features an optional four-camera system with full-color HD touchscreen and live viewing capabilities.