Track Shipments, Reorder and Review Invoices

Do you ever need to remember all the items on an order from a couple of years ago? Or perhaps you have new staff members handling orders and you need to quickly bring them up to speed. The “My Orders & Invoices” tab on your “My Account” page has a wealth of information that can make the ordering process quick and simple.

The “My Orders & Invoices” tab will show all invoices for orders placed by your facility since May 2015. You can click “Reorder” on one or multiple invoices and add all the items from those invoices to your current shopping cart. From the shopping cart you can adjust quantities, and add or remove items to create your new order.

The “Order Detail” button on an invoice opens the full order detail, which shows the items ordered, the date ordered, the name of the person who placed the order, the customer PO number, and more.

Finally, the “Invoices & Tracking” button shows a page that includes links to your actual invoice for that order, the packing slip that accompanied the order, and tracking information to help you determine when a product will be delivered, when the product was delivered, and who signed for the delivery.

All this information is available to any registered web user 24/7. Also, check out the following video or this PDF to learn more!