Clear Top and Bottom Shower Curtains Aid in PREA Compliance

When it comes to PREA Standards, correctional and detention staffs must utilize the proper education, training and compliance to ensure that their facilities remain safe. However, some aspects of PREA Standards deal with structural elements of facilities that may have been in place long before PREA was passed in 2003.

For example, the National PREA Resource Center shows how PREA Standards 115.15(d) outline the fact that inmates have the right to shower and change clothes without being fully exposed to nonmedical staff of the opposite gender. But clearly some jails and prisons have showers that are open to supervisors and could potentially be out of compliance with PREA Standards.

Shower Curtain SCG36CL Shower curtains with clear tops and bottoms allow officers to monitor showers for safety without infringing on privacy.

One easy solution to aid in PREA compliance during shower time is to use a shower curtain with a clear top and bottom plus a translucent or opaque mid-section that covers the viewing area of an inmate from the shoulders to the legs. The clear tops and bottoms allow officers to ensure that showering inmates are following shower time rules without infringing on their PREA-related privacy. Bob Barker Company carries several shower curtain options that can help make shower time safer and aid in PREA compliance.

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Shower Curtain SCG3677CWC The translucent middle of this shower curtain prevents full exposure of the person showering.

Shower Curtain SCVC3677CGC This shower curtain aids in PREA compliance due to its opaque middle. Plus, it fastens with hook and loop material so shower hooks are not required.