Lightweight Cuffs That Are Demandingly Durable

When officers reach for their handcuffs, they need confidence that the cuffs will operate as advertised. They need to believe the handcuffs will swing open and shut with little effort and restrain the subject without causing injury or presenting liability. Handcuffs are the most fundamental tool officers use to protect themselves and their detainees, so it’s important that officers’ handcuffs of choice live up to their high demands.

ASP understands the ever-changing landscapes of corrections and law enforcement officers, and they developed one of the most advanced line of handcuffs available. The ASP Ultra Cuff series is the first forged aluminum rigid frame restraint, which means the cuffs are lightweight but highly durable. The innovative design includes a frame that is forged from 7075-T6 ordnance-grade aluminum and permanently joined by 4140 heat-treated spiral locking pins, and it incorporates the practical features most requested by officers.

All the ASP Ultra Cuffs are lightweight to reduce the officer’s load. They feature round, smooth edges to prevent injury and liability, and they have conical bows to offer a more secure fit. Plus, the Ultra Cuff’s interchangeable lock set helps extend the life of the cuffs while the double-sided keyways allow for faster application and removal.

Read more below to find the ASP Ultra Cuff model that’s right for you and your staff.

ASP Ultra Chain Cuffs

Ultra Chain Cuffs have a forged alloy frame and are available with either a 7-oz. aluminum bow or a 9-oz. steel bow. The lightweight, ultra-durable handcuffs are available with aluminum bows (shown here) or steel bows.



ASP Identifier Chain Ultra Steel Cuffs

Identifier Chain Ultra Steel Cuffs can readily distinguish the restraints of specific facilities or divisions. They may be used to designate a security threat or medical condition. They add an extra level of security to an already reliable handcuff option.



ASP Extended Rigid CuffsExtended Rigid Ultra Cuffs are perfect for officers who need more out of handcuffs. ASP Rigid Handcuffs may be used to control the most resistant subjects by limiting lateral and linear mobility without impact.

ASP Tri-Fold Disposable Cuffs


Tri-Fold Disposable Cuffs restrain both hands with one quick and easy pull, meaning no more fighting the cuff of the subject. Pop the tri-fold open, place restraints on the subject’s wrists, then pull the straps to tighten.


ASP Scarab Tri-Fold Cutter


For Tri-Fold Disposable Cuffs customers, try the Scarab Tri-Fold Cutter. The cutter is easily carried, lightweight, specifically designed for disposable restraints, and is safe to use.



Bob Barker Company also carries a full line of handcuff keys and cases designed for ASP handcuffs.

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