All Eyes on Inmate Transportation Monitoring

The number of vehicles used for inmate transportation run the gamut of sizes, types and technology. From regular squad cars all the way to full buses that cost several hundred thousand dollars, there is no shortage of options for jails, prisons and courts to choose from. However, one thing remains constant; the goal of safety and security is the highest priority for anyone transporting inmates.

No matter what type of transportation system your agency uses, adding a video monitoring system can help you achieve the level of safety and security you’re looking for. There are a lot of camera and recording choices for customers, but the technology landscape for video monitoring changes rapidly. In fact, many systems that were introduced only a few years ago may not include some of the basic capabilities that customers expect, such as high-definition video or expandable memory. Bob Barker Company has spent years working with customers to find out exactly what they need in a video monitoring system and now offers an optional Safety Vision monitoring system with its VanCell Elite 2.0 and VanCell Elite 2.0A that grants officers and transporters the peace of mind they require during inmate transport.

High-Definition Camera The Bob Barker Company video monitoring system cameras have built in infrared capabilities and noise reduction technology.

The monitoring system comes with four interior cameras, plus the option to add either an exterior rear-mounted camera or exterior side-mounted camera. All the cameras capture high-definition video and have built-in infrared capabilities to monitor the vehicle even in complete darkness. Other cameras on the market may not provide you with crisp picture quality, or they may require that you leave the lights on inside the vehicle to capture a clear picture. The interior cameras also have digital noise reduction properties that pick up critical audio and allow for simple, easy-to-understand playback or live listening. When it comes to quality pictures and audio, the monitoring system in the Bob Barker Company VanCell Elite 2.0 and VanCell Elite 2.0A won’t leave you in the dark.

Color Touchscreen Monitor The 7" touchscreen monitor is in full color and offers several customization options.

You may be wondering, “What good is a sophisticated monitoring system if it’s difficult to use?” Bob Barker Company provides an easy-to-use, touchscreen monitor for use with the monitoring system. The monitor has built-in speakers and shows both live and recorded video. The touchscreen monitor can show up to four camera feeds at once, or a user can choose one feed for closer viewing. Another interesting feature is the integrated event button, which allows officers to bookmark events for quick playback.

Safety Vision DVR The DVR can record up to five camera feeds at once in full 720p HD resolution.

Finally, the brains behind the monitoring system is the five-channel video recorder, or DVR. The DVR can record up to five camera feeds at once in full 720p, HD quality. The DVR comes with a 128GB SD card for up to 43 hours of recording time, plus there’s a second SD card slot for expandable memory. The DVR also has the ability to integrate with GPS to mark the exact location, time and speed when the event button is clicked.

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