Did you know we also carry office supplies?

Did you know, studies have consistently shown that inmates who maintain close contact with their family members while incarcerated have better post release outcomes, and lower recidivism rates? There are approximately 2.2 million people held in prisons across the United States, with an estimated 95% of prisoners to one day be released with approximately 9 million people being released annually. The average recidivism rate 3 years after release is equal to 67.8%, and after 5 years it is bumped up to 76.6%, both very high numbers. When someone is re-incarcerated, there are societal costs of more crime, and costs of thousands of dollars to re-incarcerate them. However, inmates who maintained closer ties to family, performed more satisfactory on parole. Written letters fall into the category of one of the 3 main forms of communication in prisons. Family members provide both social control and social support which inhibit criminal behaviors. Inmates are more likely to succeed post release, if they keep contact with family members, and are also more likely for having stable housing and employment. Re-entry back into society is not an easy process, and it is evident that family plays a huge role and is a huge asset to have during it, and many people rely on family post release. Family can provide cognitive change needed for someone not to turn back into criminal behavior. Writing letters is a big pass time for inmates and can be beneficial to both them and society. Ultimately, having close family relationships while being incarcerated results in lower crime rates and recidivism rates, benefiting society as a whole.

Bob Barker Company understands the importance of office supplies and that is why we offer more than just clothing, uniforms, bedding, and facility maintenance supplies. We know and acknowledge that office supplies such as envelopes, writing utensils and paper are a necessity in order for inmates to keep in contact with loved ones and friends, and can even lead to improved behavior. We carry an array of office supplies, and even have options designed specifically for correctional safety at affordable prices. Don't hesitate and stock up your facility with the necessary office supplies today! Check out our full line of office supplies here.