• Silicone Games

    During recreation time at your facility, do the game pieces cause a loud disturbance to your staff or other inmates? Do you ever worry about what happens to the pieces you can’t find? Look no further because Bob Barker Company offers a new line of games for correction institutions that are made out of silicone. Silicone games are quiet, easy to use, and come in multiple gaming options.

    Bob Barker Company created silicone games as a way to prevent inmates from being able to use hard plastic game pieces as blunt object weapons and to avoid game pieces being filed down to a sharp edge. The silicone games are in turn safer for corrections officers and inmates alike.

    The advantages of silicone games are endless and we're positive that everyone will enjoy them. The integrity of boards and game pieces will never waiver because the silicone technology is made to hold its form even after being crumpled in a ball or stepped on.

    Game players and staff members alike will love the durable new silicone chess set, checkers, dominos and game board. If you think silicone games could be a need for your facility, reach out to Bob Barker Company at 1-800-334-9880 or visit bobbarker.com.BBFXSETCHESS_3994

  • The Biggest Jumpsuit Innovation in Decades: SoloSuit

    It’s not every day that an innovative prison or jail uniform hits the market. In fact, it’s not even every decade. But the new one-piece, hardware-free SoloSuit™ from Bob Barker Company is sure to change the way you think about jumpsuit uniforms.

    SoloSuit Demo The SoloSuit may quite possibly be the only jumpsuit you'll ever need.

    For more than 50 years, jumpsuit uniforms have remained relatively similar. Until now, all one-piece jumpsuits had buttons, zippers or hook and loop closures. The closures can cause headaches for some facilities depending on laundry methods or inmate misuse. As closures break or wear out, or as one part of a two-piece uniform goes missing, facilities must spend money to replace the entire uniform. The SoloSuit solves these common problems and makes uniform management simpler than ever.

    The SoloSuit uses covered elastic to hold its shape without needing any hardware, so facilities don’t have to worry about broken snaps or zippers. Plus, washing the SoloSuit is a breeze because there is no hook and loop to fasten before throwing the jumpsuit into the laundry.

    SoloSuitThe lack of metal in the SoloSuit prevents false reads on metal detectors, and the elastic helps it conform to any body type. The one-piece construction also mitigates inmates’ ability to expose themselves and prevents “sagging.”

    Despite being a revolutionary new jumpsuit, Bob Barker constructs the SoloSuit out of materials that you know and trust. It is made from a 65/35 polyester/cotton fabric with TriStitch® seams, and the uniform size is screened in large letters inside the collar for quick-read, long-lasting identification.

    So why stay stuck in the past? Try the new, revolutionary SoloSuit jumpsuit that has no snaps, no zippers, no hook and loop, and no hassle.

    SoloSuit Front The SoloSuit is a one-piece, hardware-free jumpsuit uniform that solves your biggest uniform headaches.

    SoloSuit Back The SoloSuit is easy to put on and fits any body type.

  • Bend and (Don't) Snap

    Soups and stews may be some of the easiest meals to prepare for large numbers of people, but serving them can turn into a messy, sloppy, sticky nightmare without the proper equipment. And in jails or prisons, finding serving utensils that don’t pose a security risk has been a challenge until Bob Barker Company’s introduction of the Flexible Silicone Bowl.

    The Flexible Silicone Bowl promotes safety and convenience. The Flexible Silicone Bowl promotes safety and convenience.

    The new Flexible Silicone Bowl is strong enough to hold up to 11 fl. oz. of soups, stews, vegetables, mashed potatoes, cereal or anything else that you serve at your facility. However, the bowl can’t be crushed, ripped or melted down into another shape that could be used as a weapon. It immediately returns to its original shape when bent, rolled or smashed. Corrections and detention officers have the peace of mind that the kitchenware they use every day can’t be used against them.

    The Flexible Silicone Bowl is shaped to fit into Bob Barker Company’s most popular flexible trays, and it’s short enough to allow for lids to be secured to the tray. The bowl is microwave- and dishwasher-safe, and it’s FDA-approved. The ridges in the Flexible Silicone Bowl allow the bowl to be stacked for easy storage without sticking together.

    Corrections and detention facilities should also consider other flexible kitchenware such as the Flexible 6-Compartment Tray, Flexible Silicone Clear Tray Lid, Flexible Tumbler, and the Flex Coffee Mug.

    The Flexible Tray offers plenty of room for 5 types of food plus utensils. The Flexible Tray offers plenty of room for 5 types of food plus utensils.

    The Flexible Tray Lid secures tightly to the Flexible Tray and has enough room to cover a Flexible Bowl. The Flexible Tray Lid secures tightly to the Flexible Tray and has enough room to cover a Flexible Bowl.

    Perfect for hot or cold drinks, the Flexible Tumbler adds security to your pods. Perfect for hot or cold drinks, the Flexible Tumbler adds security to your pods.

    Flex Coffee Mug The Flex Coffee Mug has a handle for added convenience.

  • All Eyes on Inmate Transportation Monitoring

    The number of vehicles used for inmate transportation run the gamut of sizes, types and technology. From regular squad cars all the way to full buses that cost several hundred thousand dollars, there is no shortage of options for jails, prisons and courts to choose from. However, one thing remains constant; the goal of safety and security is the highest priority for anyone transporting inmates.

    No matter what type of transportation system your agency uses, adding a video monitoring system can help you achieve the level of safety and security you’re looking for. There are a lot of camera and recording choices for customers, but the technology landscape for video monitoring changes rapidly. In fact, many systems that were introduced only a few years ago may not include some of the basic capabilities that customers expect, such as high-definition video or expandable memory. Bob Barker Company has spent years working with customers to find out exactly what they need in a video monitoring system and now offers an optional Safety Vision monitoring system with its VanCell Elite 2.0 and VanCell Elite 2.0A that grants officers and transporters the peace of mind they require during inmate transport.

    High-Definition Camera The Bob Barker Company video monitoring system cameras have built in infrared capabilities and noise reduction technology.

    The monitoring system comes with four interior cameras, plus the option to add either an exterior rear-mounted camera or exterior side-mounted camera. All the cameras capture high-definition video and have built-in infrared capabilities to monitor the vehicle even in complete darkness. Other cameras on the market may not provide you with crisp picture quality, or they may require that you leave the lights on inside the vehicle to capture a clear picture. The interior cameras also have digital noise reduction properties that pick up critical audio and allow for simple, easy-to-understand playback or live listening. When it comes to quality pictures and audio, the monitoring system in the Bob Barker Company VanCell Elite 2.0 and VanCell Elite 2.0A won’t leave you in the dark.

    Color Touchscreen Monitor The 7" touchscreen monitor is in full color and offers several customization options.

    You may be wondering, “What good is a sophisticated monitoring system if it’s difficult to use?” Bob Barker Company provides an easy-to-use, touchscreen monitor for use with the monitoring system. The monitor has built-in speakers and shows both live and recorded video. The touchscreen monitor can show up to four camera feeds at once, or a user can choose one feed for closer viewing. Another interesting feature is the integrated event button, which allows officers to bookmark events for quick playback.

    Safety Vision DVR The DVR can record up to five camera feeds at once in full 720p HD resolution.

    Finally, the brains behind the monitoring system is the five-channel video recorder, or DVR. The DVR can record up to five camera feeds at once in full 720p, HD quality. The DVR comes with a 128GB SD card for up to 43 hours of recording time, plus there’s a second SD card slot for expandable memory. The DVR also has the ability to integrate with GPS to mark the exact location, time and speed when the event button is clicked.

    To learn more about how a monitoring system can make inmate transportation safer and more secure, call 800-334-9880 or check out the videos at bobbarker.com/vancell.

  • Track Shipments, Reorder and Review Invoices

    Do you ever need to remember all the items on an order from a couple of years ago? Or perhaps you have new staff members handling orders and you need to quickly bring them up to speed. The “My Orders & Invoices” tab on your bobbarker.com “My Account” page has a wealth of information that can make the ordering process quick and simple.

    The “My Orders & Invoices” tab will show all invoices for orders placed by your facility since May 2015. You can click “Reorder” on one or multiple invoices and add all the items from those invoices to your current shopping cart. From the shopping cart you can adjust quantities, and add or remove items to create your new order.

    The “Order Detail” button on an invoice opens the full order detail, which shows the items ordered, the date ordered, the name of the person who placed the order, the customer PO number, and more.

    Finally, the “Invoices & Tracking” button shows a page that includes links to your actual invoice for that order, the packing slip that accompanied the order, and tracking information to help you determine when a product will be delivered, when the product was delivered, and who signed for the delivery.

    All this information is available to any bobbarker.com registered web user 24/7. Also, check out the following video or this PDF to learn more!

  • Lightweight Cuffs That Are Demandingly Durable

    When officers reach for their handcuffs, they need confidence that the cuffs will operate as advertised. They need to believe the handcuffs will swing open and shut with little effort and restrain the subject without causing injury or presenting liability. Handcuffs are the most fundamental tool officers use to protect themselves and their detainees, so it’s important that officers’ handcuffs of choice live up to their high demands.

    ASP understands the ever-changing landscapes of corrections and law enforcement officers, and they developed one of the most advanced line of handcuffs available. The ASP Ultra Cuff series is the first forged aluminum rigid frame restraint, which means the cuffs are lightweight but highly durable. The innovative design includes a frame that is forged from 7075-T6 ordnance-grade aluminum and permanently joined by 4140 heat-treated spiral locking pins, and it incorporates the practical features most requested by officers.

    All the ASP Ultra Cuffs are lightweight to reduce the officer’s load. They feature round, smooth edges to prevent injury and liability, and they have conical bows to offer a more secure fit. Plus, the Ultra Cuff’s interchangeable lock set helps extend the life of the cuffs while the double-sided keyways allow for faster application and removal.

    Read more below to find the ASP Ultra Cuff model that’s right for you and your staff.

    ASP Ultra Chain Cuffs

    Ultra Chain Cuffs have a forged alloy frame and are available with either a 7-oz. aluminum bow or a 9-oz. steel bow. The lightweight, ultra-durable handcuffs are available with aluminum bows (shown here) or steel bows.



    ASP Identifier Chain Ultra Steel Cuffs

    Identifier Chain Ultra Steel Cuffs can readily distinguish the restraints of specific facilities or divisions. They may be used to designate a security threat or medical condition. They add an extra level of security to an already reliable handcuff option.



    ASP Extended Rigid CuffsExtended Rigid Ultra Cuffs are perfect for officers who need more out of handcuffs. ASP Rigid Handcuffs may be used to control the most resistant subjects by limiting lateral and linear mobility without impact.

    ASP Tri-Fold Disposable Cuffs


    Tri-Fold Disposable Cuffs restrain both hands with one quick and easy pull, meaning no more fighting the cuff of the subject. Pop the tri-fold open, place restraints on the subject’s wrists, then pull the straps to tighten.


    ASP Scarab Tri-Fold Cutter


    For Tri-Fold Disposable Cuffs customers, try the Scarab Tri-Fold Cutter. The cutter is easily carried, lightweight, specifically designed for disposable restraints, and is safe to use.



    Bob Barker Company also carries a full line of handcuff keys and cases designed for ASP handcuffs.

    The learn more, call us at 1-800-334-9880 or click the red chat button below during normal business hours.

  • Simpler, Safer, More Secure Transportation

    Inmate transportation is one of the most highly scrutinized topics for jails, prisons and other corrections-focused facilities. Transporting someone from point A to point B seems like it should be a simple process, but in corrections it involves a multitude of factors that transporters must consider.

    VanCell Elite 2.0 Rear Compartment Keep passengers separate with the optional rear separation wall.

    For instance, male and female passengers can’t always be in the same vehicle. Some passengers need to remain separate from other passengers due to past conflicts, potential gang affiliations or PREA regulations. Other liabilities arise when officers can’t monitor every passenger in the transport vehicle because of blind spots or outdated technology. The true list of concerns is certainly much longer, but Bob Barker Company used years' worth of customer feedback to develop its most advanced inmate transportation solution, the VanCell Elite 2.0, which addresses the most crucial transportation needs surrounding safety, security and ease of use.

    The VanCell Elite 2.0 van insert is compatible with Ford Transit 350 Cargo Vans and Chevrolet Express 3500 Cargo Vans. Once installed, the insert can accommodate up to 13 inmates depending on the configuration. Passengers in the rear section can be separated with the optional rear separation wall to address transporting inmates of different genders or classifications. Plus, the front compartment features an optional segregation door that swings shut to provide two individual passenger compartments. The separation wall and segregation door allow facilities to transport inmates of all classifications to other locations without having to take multiple vehicles.

    One of the most improved features of the new VanCell Elite 2.0 is the upgraded camera system. The optional camera system includes four interior cameras that eliminate blind spots, and the ability to add an external camera to monitor loading and unloading. The system comes with a high-definition color touchscreen monitor that’s simple to use and crystal clear. Officers can watch and listen to passengers in real-time or make use of up to 43 hours of recording time with the camera system’s DVR capabilities.

    Other convenience enhancements include a custom HVAC system designed specifically for the VanCell Elite 2.0 that ensures proper airflow to all compartments. Bob Barker Company also reengineered the locking mechanisms and emergency doors to provide additional safety and security in the event of an accident. Finally, the new streamlined ordering process is simpler to use than ever before.

    If your current transportation vehicles aren’t living up to your expectations, give Bob Barker Company a call at 1-800-334-9880 to learn more about the VanCell Elite 2.0.

    VanCell Elite 2.0 Front-Facing Compartment The front-facing compartment of the VanCell Elite 2.0 holds up to three inmates, or two inmates when the front segregation door is engaged.

    VanCell Elite 2.0 Touchscreen Monitor The VanCell Elite 2.0 features an optional four-camera system with full-color HD touchscreen and live viewing capabilities.

  • Clear Top and Bottom Shower Curtains Aid in PREA Compliance

    When it comes to PREA Standards, correctional and detention staffs must utilize the proper education, training and compliance to ensure that their facilities remain safe. However, some aspects of PREA Standards deal with structural elements of facilities that may have been in place long before PREA was passed in 2003.

    For example, the National PREA Resource Center shows how PREA Standards 115.15(d) outline the fact that inmates have the right to shower and change clothes without being fully exposed to nonmedical staff of the opposite gender. But clearly some jails and prisons have showers that are open to supervisors and could potentially be out of compliance with PREA Standards.

    Shower Curtain SCG36CL Shower curtains with clear tops and bottoms allow officers to monitor showers for safety without infringing on privacy.

    One easy solution to aid in PREA compliance during shower time is to use a shower curtain with a clear top and bottom plus a translucent or opaque mid-section that covers the viewing area of an inmate from the shoulders to the legs. The clear tops and bottoms allow officers to ensure that showering inmates are following shower time rules without infringing on their PREA-related privacy. Bob Barker Company carries several shower curtain options that can help make shower time safer and aid in PREA compliance.

    The learn more, call us at 1-800-334-9880 or click the red chat button below during normal business hours.

    Shower Curtain SCG3677CWC The translucent middle of this shower curtain prevents full exposure of the person showering.

    Shower Curtain SCVC3677CGC This shower curtain aids in PREA compliance due to its opaque middle. Plus, it fastens with hook and loop material so shower hooks are not required.



    Have you had a chance to check out the bobbarker.com Order Grid? We understand that your time is precious, and the Order Grid can help you select multiple product sizes and colors in a fraction of the time it takes to order items one-by-one.

    Using the Order Grid allows you to skip the back-and-forth hassle of selecting one color and one size, adding it to your cart, hitting the “Back” button, then starting the process over again to add another color and size.

    For example, if you need to order several (or many!) uniforms of varying colors and sizes, simply click the gray “View Order Grid” button underneath an item’s “Add to Cart” button. Now, simply enter the number of items you want from each size/color combination and add them to your cart.



    Order Grid for TriStitchFeel free to print the Order Grid Instructions or check out the video below for more information! As always, you can call us at 800-334-9880, contact us through our web form, or use the red chat box at the bottom of your screen during business hours for help.

  • Did you know we also carry office supplies?

    Did you know, studies have consistently shown that inmates who maintain close contact with their family members while incarcerated have better post release outcomes, and lower recidivism rates? There are approximately 2.2 million people held in prisons across the United States, with an estimated 95% of prisoners to one day be released with approximately 9 million people being released annually. The average recidivism rate 3 years after release is equal to 67.8%, and after 5 years it is bumped up to 76.6%, both very high numbers. When someone is re-incarcerated, there are societal costs of more crime, and costs of thousands of dollars to re-incarcerate them. However, inmates who maintained closer ties to family, performed more satisfactory on parole. Written letters fall into the category of one of the 3 main forms of communication in prisons. Family members provide both social control and social support which inhibit criminal behaviors. Inmates are more likely to succeed post release, if they keep contact with family members, and are also more likely for having stable housing and employment. Re-entry back into society is not an easy process, and it is evident that family plays a huge role and is a huge asset to have during it, and many people rely on family post release. Family can provide cognitive change needed for someone not to turn back into criminal behavior. Writing letters is a big pass time for inmates and can be beneficial to both them and society. Ultimately, having close family relationships while being incarcerated results in lower crime rates and recidivism rates, benefiting society as a whole.

    Bob Barker Company understands the importance of office supplies and that is why we offer more than just clothing, uniforms, bedding, and facility maintenance supplies. We know and acknowledge that office supplies such as envelopes, writing utensils and paper are a necessity in order for inmates to keep in contact with loved ones and friends, and can even lead to improved behavior. We carry an array of office supplies, and even have options designed specifically for correctional safety at affordable prices. Don't hesitate and stock up your facility with the necessary office supplies today! Check out our full line of office supplies here.

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