• Did you know odors can affect health?

    Do you have stinky odors smelling up your facility? Non regulated chemical odors can affect health and can lead to serious health symptoms. These symptoms include loss of appetite, damage to eyes, fluid in lungs, and even a loss of consciousness. Strong odors may cause some people to feel a burning sensation that leads to coughing, wheezing or other breathing problems. People who smell strong odors may get headaches or feel nauseous or dizzy. If an odor lasts a long time or is reoccurring, it also could affect mood, anxiety, or stress levels. If it smells bad, it is most likely bad for you.

    At Bob Barker Company, we know serious odors are common in an institutional facility and that is why we introduced Odor Hound. Odor Hound was designed specifically for corrections, detention, and rehabilitation facilities and is only available at Bob Barker. It completely destroys and eliminates odor and is 100% safe to use, containing no harsh chemicals. Odor Hound is available as an air & surface spray, or as a gel. Protect your health by getting rid of odors that plague your facility by trying Odor Hound today! To learn more about Odor Hound, click here.

    odor hound     odor hound gel

  • Mesh Step-In Sale—Only $5.95/pair!

    The Mesh Step-In shoes are durable, practical, and affordable. That is why we are excited to announce a sale on these wonderful shoes. You can now get the Mesh Step-In shoes for just $5.95 a pair, helping to stretch your budget even further!


    -English binding and double stitched stress points for extra durability
    -Durable binding features
    -Bontex® insole board for added durability and performance
    -Reinforced toe plate


    -100% Nylon mesh upper with 100% polyester lining
    -Lightweight, breathable double mesh for added ventilation and moisture wicking
    -Moisture control
    -Non-skid non marking outsole

    Inventory Management

    -Alpha sizing
    -Wide gore band providing adjustable fit allows alpha sizing for inventory management
    -Adjustable fit

    To check out our Mesh Step-Ins click here. Simply place your order online using the promo code MESH30, or contact our highly dedicated customer service team at 1-800-334-9880.

  • Where do odors hide and did you know odors can affect morale?

    Did you know scents can affect moods and people's work performance? There is also a link between neural areas of emotion, associative learning and there is a strong neurological basis for why odors trigger emotional connections. Nasty smells lead to a negative mood which decreases productivity, performance and the willingness to help others. A foul odor reduces participation and lowers the tolerance for frustration and can lead to mood changes. Where a pleasant smell has reverse effects and have been found to improve vigilance on tasks. Studies have shown that people are unconsciously fairer and more generous when in a nice smelling environment. Smells are the most sensitive sense being that the nose has as many as 6 million odor detecting cells, and people in an area with a bad odor are more likely to be in a bad mood, affecting overall morale. Smells have a major role in emotions and in not only physical, but mental health too, and this is why you should invest in Odor Hound.


    Odor Hound is a 100% safe odor eliminator available only at Bob Barker Company. Odor Hound uses natural ingredients to destroy odors quickly and effectively. Odor Hound is great for where odors hide in, property rooms, lobbies, inmate belongings, officer gear, trash receptacles and medical and infirmary areas! Odor Hound is available as an air & surface spray or as a gel. Boost the morale in your facility by using Odor Hound in your facility today! To learn more about this revolutionary product click here.

  • Natural Products are just as effective

    Did you know that you do not need harsh chemicals to get rid of nauseating smells? We know that unpleasant smells in an institutional environment are inevitable but heavy air fresheners and chemical products are not necessary to clear the air. Odor Hound will naturally get the job done. Odor Hound is full of simple and natural ingredients and is available as an air & surface spray or as a gel. Odor Hound uses water and essential oils such as lime oil, pine needle oil, anise seed, clove, red cedar-wood oil, accompanied with a hint of balance that leads to fresher air. There's no need for harsh chemicals or perfumes, when you've got Odor Hound! Odor Hound does not just mask and cover up the stinky molecules, but it safely and effectively destroys the odor fast. You can gladly say farewell to those nasty odors and hello to Odor Hound. Make the natural choice of using Odor Hound (only available from Bob Barker) a part of your facility's daily routine today! To learn more about putting an end to nauseating smells, click here.

    natural ingredients       OdorHound-Starter-Kit

  • Bob Barker Company Helps to Send Kids To Summer Camp!

    camp agape

    Did you know?

    -Studies show that residential summer camp experiences improve self confidence, communication skills, problem solving, and help children play creatively with others

    -Collectively these things impact values and build better leaders in our community

    -It is Camp Agape's desire to be leaders in building a new hope for children in the community

    -Bob Barker Company endorses Camp Agape and supports the "REACH 100!" program by helping to send kids to camp

    Camp Agape is a Christian camp focused on stewardship of the environment. Camp Agape wants to “Reach 100” this summer by bringing 100 kids in need to a week of faith based camp. Camp Agape works to help children who wouldn't normally get the chance, to experience a week at camp. This one week of camp could truly be life changing. Team members here at Bob Barker Company are donating to this wonderful cause, and Bob Barker Company has recently matched a donation, raising the number of kids being sent to camp. Camp Agape has already sent 75 kids to camp through REACH 100 so far. To donate and find out more about Camp Agape, visit www.agapekurebeach.org. A gift of any size is helpful!

  • Why is this our most popular safety razor?

    anti shank razor

    Is safety a top priority for you and your facility? The Anti-Shank Razor is arguably the safest razor to have in facilities, and lives up to its name. This razor provides a safer alternative to the standard twin blade razors and detecting blade tampering is now easier than ever!


    -High-visibility orange color makes it hard to hide
    -Handle features 8 weak points that break away when tampered with
    -No seams to pry apart and no hidden cavities to hide contraband

    The Anti-Shank Razor's flexible grip handle, perforated main point blade and full-shaving length head still provides users with the same clean, smooth shave found with other disposable razors. Avoid the threat of razors used as weapons with our unique Anti-Shank Razor designed exclusively for correctional facilities in your facility today! Find out more about this revolutionary razor by clicking here.

  • Band Together and Triangle Family Services Reached their Goal!

    bandtogether tfs     Capture walk the moom






    The Band Together benefit concert featuring the popular band Walk the Moon was a huge success! Band Together and Triangle Family Services (TFS) rocked their goal to raise funds of over 1 million dollars this past Saturday, June 23rd! We also had team members who volunteered, contributing to the overall success of the event. Triangle Family Services, our foundation partner is very thankful for making the event successful! To further help our friends at Triangle Family Services, we are also still collecting healthy snacks to donate to TFS at both of our locations. Our goal is to completely fill the buckets!

  • Protect Against High Risk Situations



    Wearing the necessary personal protection is essential for keeping you and your facility safe and that's why we're excited to introduce the Alphatec™ Protection Suit that gives protection head-to-toe during high risk situations. The Alphatec™ Protection Suit protects against blood, bodily fluids, blood borne pathogens and features an elasticated 3-piece hood to better fit a respirator. The suit has a dual-direction zipper with a resealable storm flap and a bound seam around the chest instead of shoulder seams, providing increased protection. The elastic thumb loops keep the sleeves down, ensuring secure placement when reaching overhead. The Alphatec™ Protection Suit is also equipped with elasticated ankles which allow stable placement of jumpsuit booties while the non-skid bottoms provide increased ground traction to prevent slipping. With Bob Barker Company's Alphatec™ Protection Suit, you can rest assured you are covered to handle any hazardous situation caused by drugs or toxic fumes that may arise in your facility. Feel safe and try out the Alphatec™ Protection Suit today! To learn more about this product, click here.

  • 50% off select healthcare, all items must go!

    Capture health care blowoutHealth care items are a necessity in any facility. That is why we are excited to announce a 50% discount off of many of the health care items you use everyday including hand sanitizer, first aid kits, medicine, wound care, medical equipment, infection protection and more! Who doesn't love the word clearance? To check out the full list of items available click here. Don't wait, hurry while supplies last! Place your order online today, or call us at 1-800-334-9880.

      HC-Clearance-Purell HC-Clearance-FirstAid HC-Clearance-Meds



    HC-Clearance-Bandages HC-Clearance-Equipment HC-Clearance-Protection

  • 2018 Band Together Concert, Raising Funds for Triangle Family Services

    triangle family services

    Save the date and show support! The rock-pop band Walk the Moon is headlining the Band Together concert on Saturday June 23rd at 6pm, at the Red Hat Amphitheater in downtown Raleigh. This event will benefit the Triangle Family Services (TFS) and Band Together partnership and help raise funds for mental health. Proceeds will be used to provide mental health services for up to 600 individuals in our community. Triangle Family Services is a partner of Bob Barker Company Foundation. We will have team members volunteering at the event, and we will be sponsoring a drive including items such as snacks, welcome home packs, critical needs kits, and kids supplies during the month of June to donate to TFS' programs for children and families in need.

    tfs03Triangle Family Services offers a broad variety of helpful programs and has "81 years of building a stronger community by strengthening the family." Since 1937, Triangle Family Services has served as the place to turn for innovative solutions for families facing crisis, and annually helps more than 7,000 low-income individuals and families in the Triangle Area. More than 80% of the people served, live below the poverty level. Triangle Family Services provides data driven solutions to local families enabling the community to thrive. TFS is accredited by the International Council on Accreditation and is a member of the National Foundation for credit counseling and the NC Council of community programs. TFS has 3 core program areas being family safety, financial stability, and mental health. Through community support and corporate and individual donations, the goal is to raise 1 million dollars. Come show your support for this great organization and event! To learn more about the band together concert, click here. To find out more information about Triangle Family Services and the great resources that they provide, visit their website here. 

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