• 2018 Band Together Concert, Raising Funds for Triangle Family Services

    triangle family services

    Save the date and show support! The rock-pop band Walk the Moon is headlining the Band Together concert on Saturday June 23rd at 6pm, at the Red Hat Amphitheater in downtown Raleigh. This event will benefit the Triangle Family Services (TFS) and Band Together partnership and help raise funds for mental health. Proceeds will be used to provide mental health services for up to 600 individuals in our community. Triangle Family Services is a partner of Bob Barker Company Foundation. We will have team members volunteering at the event, and we will be sponsoring a drive including items such as snacks, welcome home packs, critical needs kits, and kids supplies during the month of June to donate to TFS' programs for children and families in need.

    tfs03Triangle Family Services offers a broad variety of helpful programs and has "81 years of building a stronger community by strengthening the family." Since 1937, Triangle Family Services has served as the place to turn for innovative solutions for families facing crisis, and annually helps more than 7,000 low-income individuals and families in the Triangle Area. More than 80% of the people served, live below the poverty level. Triangle Family Services provides data driven solutions to local families enabling the community to thrive. TFS is accredited by the International Council on Accreditation and is a member of the National Foundation for credit counseling and the NC Council of community programs. TFS has 3 core program areas being family safety, financial stability, and mental health. Through community support and corporate and individual donations, the goal is to raise 1 million dollars. Come show your support for this great organization and event! To learn more about the band together concert, click here. To find out more information about Triangle Family Services and the great resources that they provide, visit their website here. 

  • what is an odor?

    Do you ever wonder what exactly an odor is, and how to eliminate it? An odor can be described as a lingering, distinctive smell that is especially unpleasant. Odors can cause unnecessary problems in the workplace and cause unwanted stress. Smells occur when odor molecules evaporate off items or objects. Just because something is clean, does not mean that it will not smell. Cleanliness does not mean odor-free! Even if surfaces are cleaned with bleach and chemicals, odor molecules still linger and float throughout the air. A freshly cleaned facility could be ruined by a foul odor. Odor Hound is not a masking agent, so it does not cover up scents, but it destroys them! Odor Hound works within seconds to freshen the air in your environment. Odor Hound works in four simple steps:
    1. The odor molecule enters the air
    2. Odor Hound attacks the odor molecule with polar attraction
    3. it brings the odor molecule to the ground and degrades the molecule
    4. The odor molecule is eliminated, leaving only fresh air.

    Odor Hound is 100% safe, containing no harsh chemicals and designed specifically for corrections, detention, and rehabilitation facilities and is only available at Bob Barker.
     Get rid of those unwanted funky smells and try using Odor Hound throughout your facility today! To see our line of Odor Hound products, click here.

  • Congratulations Mifflin County Correctional Facility!

    In honor of National Correctional Officers Week, we ran a contest the entire month of May for facilities to enter to win a pair of Officers Only Tactical Pants to outfit each of their officers and 10 of our Benchmade 10-Hook Rescue Knives.

    Watch as Bob selected the winner: John Folk, Laundry Officer at Mifflin County Correctional Facility in Lewiston, PA! Congratulations!

  • They didn't just give me a job, they took me in

     Jobs for Life (JfL) is a Bob Barker Company and Bob Barker Company Foundation partner. Through this partnership, graduates are given job opportunities once they finish their course. JfL was founded in Raleigh, NC in 1996, and has been addressing the root causes of unemployment ever since. Jobs for Life believes the solution is found within the local church, and works by training, equipping, and connecting churches, ministries and businesses in communities around the world. JfL helps to prepare men and women for meaningful work through honesty, mentoring, support and more.

    Cclanus Curry is a 2017 graduate of JfL. After graduation, he accepted a position at Bob Barker Company as a machine operator and has excelled at this position, recently receiving the company's excellence award which is given out each quarter. He was asked to be a featured speaker for a JfL event where he spoke in front of approximately 200 people from all over the community, and explained how much Jobs for Life has helped him excel and grow. Robert Danajka, vinyl production manager at Bob Barker, spoke about the characteristics that has made Cclanus a true team player. Cclanus made speaking look easy, and there are pictures of him below. To learn more about Jobs for Life and promoting rehabilitation, click here. 

    robert and cclannus cclannus 1



    PVC Sandals are the first choice for quality, comfort and affordability and that's why we're excited to offer an additional 40% off our All-Purpose, Versatile, B-Chek, and Everyday PVC Sandals to help you stretch your budget even further this month.

    all purpose sandals

    All-Purpose PVC Sandals:

    • Reversed ridge grooves on the sole to increase traction and prevent slipping
    • Alpha sizing to reduce inventory costs, save space, and simplify distribution


    Versatile PVC Sandals:

    • Cushioned sole for comfort
    • Three color options: tan, orange, and white

    b chek sandals

    B-Chek PVC Sandals:

    • Provides peace of mind from odors
    • Raised edge at heel for greater fit


    Everyday PVC Sandals:

    • Form fitted design prevents slippage and flexible for everyday wear
    • Added support wedge on sides reduces tearing

    To check out our full line of PVC Sandals, click here. Don't wait! The sale ends June 29th! Place your order online today, or simply call our customer service team at 1-800-334-9880.

  • combating pesky odors

    Do you have tricky long-lasting odors in your facility? Are they causing problems in your facility? If so, Odor Hound Gel is the perfect fix to combat those pesky odors. Odor Hound Gel is 100% safe, providing continuous odor elimination lasting 30-45 days, for spaces up to 250 sq. feet. The gel is simple and easy to use and is activated by ambient air. Odor Hound Gel can be used administrative areas, inmate living spaces, lobbies, storage spaces and more! For larger spaces with tough to control areas, multiple Odor Hound Gel canisters can be used. Odor Hound Gel will keep your facility smelling fresh! Put yourself at ease and try using Odor Hound in the toughest areas that you want to remain fresh like lobbies, administrative areas and property storage. To learn more about Odor Hound, visit www.bobbarker.com/odorhound or feel free to call us with any questions or concerns at 1-800-334-9880.  




  • Keep your facility smelling fresh and new

     Is your facility filled with reoccurring foul smells? Odors can be tough to combat and make living and working environments more stressful than they need to be. If this is the case, then Odor Hound is the simple and easy fix for you and your facility. Odor Hound Air & Surface Spray immediately destroys any odors in jail, without leaving a lingering scent or fragrance. Odor Hound tackles odors in property rooms and common areas, and on inmate belongings, spills (vomit, feces, urine), officer gear and trash receptacles. Odor Hound contains no harsh chemicals or alcohol and is non-toxic and non-flammable. Odor Hound Air & Surface Spray will keep your facility smelling fresh and new! Try Odor Hound today and say goodbye to foul smelling odors throughout your facility. To find out more visit www.bobbarker.com/odorhound or call us at 1-800-334-9880.

  • Feminine Hygiene Products are a Necessity for Every Facility

    We understand that the the issue of adequate menstrual supplies is a growing concern for state prisons and jails. Last summer, the Federal Bureau of Prisons announced that women in its facilities would be guaranteed feminine hygiene products. But since the majority of women are currently housed in state prisons and jails, this policy only affects around 10% of females currently incarcerated.

    In recent months, several states have introduced legislation or proposals to help inmates who don’t benefit from the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ new policy. The Arizona Department of Corrections announced a new policy to  provide three (12 to 36) as many sanitary napkins to female inmates each month. Maryland, Virginia, and Nebraska are also introducing legislation to address this issue. Before the federal prison policy changed, Colorado and New York City had already passed legislation requiring free menstrual supplies for female inmates in state and local institutions.

    Whatever policy you have in place, we understand these items are a necessity and we've increased our feminine hygiene product line to fit your facility’s specific requirements. From name brand to generic, we have a solution to fit every budget.

    Check out our complete line of feminine hygiene products, and please don’t hesitate to call us at 800-334-9880 if you have a questions or need additional assistance.

    Sanitary Napkins Napkins, Boxed & Individual

    Tampons Tampons, Boxed & Individual

    Bob Barker Brand Bob Barker Brand Napkins

  • Save time by ordering multiple size and color options at once

    We know you're busy and having to order for an entire facility can be time consuming and hectic. That's why we wanted to let you know about the order grid feature which allows you to order multiple colors and sizes of a product at once!

    When you’re on a product page, simply find the “View Order Grid” button under the “Add to Cart” button. This will take  you to a grid where you can populate all the sizes and quantities you need. And that’s it! Simply add to cart and you can get on with other issues that consume your day.

    Here's a helpful video and feel free to download this PDF with step-by-step instructions. If you don't have a web account feel free to call us at 800-334-9880 and we can set one up for you in minutes!

  • Protect Against Fentanyl Risks

    fentanylFentanyl is a serious threat to anyone who comes in contact with it, whether it is inhaled, ingested, or absorbed through a mucous membrane or the skin. It can take just 2‐3 milligrams of fentanyl (equivalent to a few grains of salt) to induce respiratory depression, cardiac arrest, and possibly death. There are a variety of situations in a correctional environment that can present a risk of exposure to the drug including intake, property rooms, mail handling, and cell searches.

    It’s not as simple as avoiding the drug in its powdered form. Traces of fentanyl can be found in individuals who have vomited, and the drug remains dangerous even when mixed with bodily fluids. Adding to the potential danger for prison staff, any suspected drug may contain powerful opioids such as fentanyl. Therefore, handling illicit substances in any capacity is inherently hazardous.

    Wearing the appropriate personal protection that is tested against fentanyl is essential for keeping your facility safe. Bob Barker Company has just introduced a revolutionary new glove designed specifically for these types of high-risk situations. The Microflex LifeStar™ EC gloves have been tested against fentanyl and gastric acid exposure. The double-dipped, dual color helps quickly identify if the glove has been compromised. The bright blue interior makes breaches more detectable and white exterior makes fluid and blood contact with glove more visible. This means your staff can have greater confidence they’ll be protected in real-world fentanyl exposure situations.

    Microflex LifeStar™ EC Gloves


    • High risk protection with excellent comfort
    • No permeation of Fentanyl or gastric acid when exposed up to 240 minutes
    • Dual color helps to identify if a glove has been compromised
    • Superior comfort and tactility enables users to complete tasks with ease while reducing risks
    • Non-stick formulations eliminates sticking to adhesives
    • Fewer defects ensures an extraordinary level of protection

    Click here to learn more.

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